The New York Latin Leaflet

Ron Janoff brought this very interesting turn-of-the-previous-century newsletter to my attention … it languishes in Google books, but Dr Janoff is sending them out on a regular basis to those who drop him a line. They’re rather interesting and very tongue-in-cheek. The first one is sort of the mission statement of the publication, which includes this little tidbit:

The second issue’s focus is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek review of a Latin teacher, which includes this excerpt (in medias res, obviously):

Click for a larger version

At least as entertaining as the columns are the accompanying advertisements from the time … besides the usual booksellers and the like that one would expect, the editors clearly have done some legwork to get revenues to fund this little publication. One which caught my eye:

click for a larger version

It’s interesting how they carefully separate the hours when men and women might attend; it’s probably similar to how Roman baths operated at various times in their history. In any event, if you’d like to be added to the distribution list, contact Dr Janoff at AT

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