CFP: Translating Myth

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Date: 5-7 September, 2013

Venue: firstsite, Colchester, UK

An international conference organized by the Centre for Myth Studies at the
University of Essex, supported by the Department of Literature, Film, and
Theatre Studies and the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies.

The Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex is pleased to
announce an international conference to be held from 5 to 7 September 2013
at firstsite, the home of contemporary visual arts in Colchester. We invite
proposals for papers (of 20 minutes duration), or panel sessions (three
papers), exploring the theme of ‘Translating Myth’. The organisers would
particularly welcome interdisciplinary contributions, especially ones that
bridge the domains of literature and psychoanalysis, but we encourage
submissions on all aspects of myth that involve the idea of translation.
‘Translating myth’ is to be taken in a broad sense as encompassing any topic
that addresses the process of conversion or transfer of cultural sources
construed as mythic. The organizers list the following keyword combinations
as a stimulus to thought, but, as it always is with myth, your own ideas
should allow the imagination free rein in deciding on the possibilities
offered by the conference theme:

Accommodation and assimilation; adaptations of the classics; anamnesis and
orality; archetypes, prototypes, stereotypes; astrology and astronomy; babel
and fable; boundaries and interfaces; chaos and creation; enchantment and
ecstasy; gender and hybridity; genre and media; illud tempus and terra
incognita; interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism; identity and
intertextuality; mask and mandala; migration and transfer; monad, binary,
triad, quaternity; mythos and logos; omens and oracles; register and
revelation; resistance and change; rites of passage and cultural transfer;
roots and rituals; sacred and profane; stage and screen; storyteller, poet,
shaman, auteur; theories, poetics, dialectics; transformation and
transposition; versions and motifs; zero and hero(ine).

PLENARY SPEAKERS: David Hawkes (Arizona State University), Miriam Leonard
(University College London), Harish Trivedi (University of Delhi).

The deadline for proposals is Friday 25 January, 2013. Proposals should take
the form of a title for the paper and a 250-word abstract, accompanied by a
brief biographical note, including institutional affiliation where
appropriate. To submit a proposal, or for more information, please write to
Dr Leon Burnett, Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies,
University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex CO4 3SQ or, by e-mail,
to mythic AT

It is planned to publish a selection of papers on ‘Translating Myth’ after
the conference.

Note: Thanks to the generosity of the Bean Trust, a limited number of
bursaries are available for speakers contributing to a panel session on the
place that William Blake occupies in the field of myth. If you wish to apply
for one of these bursaries, please indicate in your proposal.

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