CONF: The Classical Body

seen on the Classicists list:

The Department of Classical Studies at The Open University warmly invites you to a one-day seminar on the theme of The Classical Body, to be held on Saturday February 2nd 2013 at the OU Regional Centre in London (Camden Town) 10am-4.30pm.

The conference charge will be 7 pounds (for catering costs). To register your interest and receive a booking form, please email Jessica Hughes on AT by January 15th 2013. Speakers and topics are listed below.

We hope to see you there!



Phil Perkins (OU) – ‘Images of Birth in the Ancient Mediterranean’

Helen King (OU) – ‘Reading the Bearded Lady: Phaethousa of Abdera’

Sue Blundell (OU) – ‘Both Feet on the Ground: Stepping Out in Ancient Greece’

Mark Bradley (Nottingham) – ‘Foul Bodies in Ancient Rome’

Rebecca Fallas (OU) – ‘Promoting Fertility: Regimes for Fertility in the Ancient Medical Texts’

Emma Bridges (OU) – ‘Bodily Mutilation and Despotic Power in Herodotus’ Persian Wars Narrative’

Emma-Jayne Graham (OU) – ‘Dying Disabled in Ancient Rome’

A map of the Camden area can be accessed via this link:

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