Heading to the AIA/APA Shindig?

I’ve always thought the AIA and APA should coordinate a bit better this time of year as each seems to be doing something really well that the other should also be doing. In the APA’s case, all the abstracts for the sessions are online and available … if you’re one twitter and/or have liked the APA on facebook, you’ve also been getting a regular session-by-session summary over the past while. Sadly, it appears you have to pay look at the abstracts at the AIA sessions. However, over at the AIA, they do have a thing which is almost the very item I’ve suggested for many years — an online scheduling thing so you can plan what you’re going to and when. It’s not confined to the AIA sessions and APA-destined folks can put their schedule in (or mix and match with the AIA sessions). Definitely handy:

… now if only they’d make it so you can look at your schedule on your iphone or android device rather than printing out paper …

*** by the way: it appears from the Twitterverse that the ‘official’ hashtag for the event is #aiaapa

*** by the way bis: as of this writing, the APA facebook page is but 92 ‘likes’ away from hitting the 1000 mark; if you haven’t ‘liked’ them yet, it’s probably a good time to show them some love:

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