DIG: 2013 “Villa of the Antonines” Archaeological Field School in Genzano di Roma, Italy, June 30-July 27, 2013

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2013 "Villa of the Antonines" Archaeological Field School in Genzano di
Roma, Italy, June 30-July 27, 2013

Sponsored by the Center for Heritage and Archaeological Studies and the
Department of Classics & General Humanities at Montclair State
University, this field project, now entering its fourth season of work,
will continue to explore the remains of a Roman imperial villa complex
located close to the 18th mile of the ancient Via Appia in the Alban
Hills. Ancient literary sources combined with the discovery of fine
marble busts of the Antonine imperial family first led to the
identification, early in the 18th century, of the site as the family
villa of the Antonines located in ancient Lanuvium. The 2010-2012
excavations brought to light a curving structure that has been
identified as an amphitheatre (perhaps that in which Commodus is
reported to have fought wild animals, thereby earning the title "Roman
Hercules") as well as much scattered evidence for luxurious interior
decoration in the form of colored glass mosaics, imported marble floor
covering (opus sectile), and marble wall covering. The 2013 campaign
will concentrate on studying the amphitheatre and its surroundings in
greater detail. Participants are rotated among all main aspects of
archaeological fieldwork, including artifact processing, recording, and
assisting with geophysical survey as well as excavating.

Total cost (minus airfare to Rome, but including six undergraduate
credits in Classical archaeology): $5,000.
Housing in a 3-star hotel on the rim of scenic Lago di Nemi and
overlooking the Sanctuary of Diana Nemorensis (of J.G. Fraser "Golden
Bough" fame), just outside the picturesque town of Genzano. Some
scholarship moneys are available. Graduate students welcome; they
should consult the co-directors for details.

For further information contact the project co-directors: Dr. Deborah
Chatr Aryamontri (aryamontrid@mail.montclair.edu) and Dr. Timothy Renner
click on "Villa of the Antonine

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