Podcast | Adrian Goldsworthy on Roman Warfare

Tip o’ the pileus to Dorothy King for alerting us via twitter that Adrian Goldsworthy had given a lengthy talk in May at the New York Military Affairs Symposium on the topic of Roman warfare. Here’s a link to the audio:

Goldsworthy appears to be the first to talk on something ancient there (or at least in regards to the podcasts that are online), but if you have a hankering for military history, there are a pile of interesting things at Audio Podcasts of Friday Evening Talks.

One thought on “Podcast | Adrian Goldsworthy on Roman Warfare

  1. Thanks for mentioning the link to Adrian Goldsworthy’s full-length talk to NYMAS.

    Your readers might also be interested in the complete audio podcast of The Roman Navy: Its Development from Oxymoron to Ruler of the Mediterranean by the delightful Mark Wilson, then of Brooklyn College. (http://nymas.org/podcasts/Mark%20Wilson%20-%20Roman%20Navy%2096bps.mp3)

    Not online yet but we also have in preparation Sparta and the Greek Art of War, 550 – 362 BC by Independent Scholar Scott Rusch and also John Shean, Professor, La Guardia Community College and The Christianization of the Roman Army.

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