Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

Major catching up …

  • 2013.10.45:  Fritz Graf, Sarah Iles Johnston, Ritual Texts for the Afterlife: Orpheus and the Bacchic Gold Tablets. Second edition (first published 2007).
  • 2013.10.44:  Chris Emlyn-Jones, William Preddy, Plato VI: Republic, Volume II. Books 6-10. Loeb classical library, 276. bmcr2
    Chris Emlyn-Jones, William Preddy, Plato V: Republic, Volume I. Books 1-5. Loeb classical library, 237. .
  • 2013.10.43:  Thomas A. J. McGinn, Obligations in Roman Law: Past, Present, and Future. Papers and monographs of the American Academy in Rome, 33.
  • 2013.10.42:  Susanna Braund, Josiah Osgood, A Companion to Persius and Juvenal. Blackwell companions to the ancient world.
  • 2013.10.41:  Colin Austin, Menander, Eleven Plays. Cambridge Classical Journal: Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society. Supplementary volume, 37.
  • 2013.10.40:  Samuel Scolnicov, Euthydemus: Ethics and Language. Lecturae Platonis, 8.
  • 2013.10.39:  Carlos Fraenkel, Philosophical Religions from Plato to Spinoza: Reason, Religion, and Autonomy.
  • 2013.10.38:  Daryn Lehoux, A. D. Morrison, Alison Sharrock, Lucretius: Poetry, Philosophy, Science.
  • 2013.10.37:  Bernard Andreae, Römische Kunst: von Augustus bis Constantin.
  • 2013.10.36:  Daniel I. Iakov, Η Άλκηστη του Ευριπίδη. Ερμηνευτική έκδοση (2 vols.).
  • 2013.10.35:  Claire L. Lyons, Michael Bennett, Clemente Marconi, Sicily: Art and Invention between Greece and Rome.
  • 2013.10.34:  John K. Papadopoulos, Gary Urton, The Construction of Value in the Ancient World. Cotsen advanced seminar series, 5.
  • 2013.10.33:  Tuomas E. Tahko, Contemporary Aristotelian Metaphysics.
  • 2013.10.32:  Felix K. Maier, “Überall mit dem Unerwarteten rechnen”: die Kontingenz historischer Prozesse bei Polybios. Vestigia, Bd 65​.
  • 2013.10.31:  André Malta, Homero Múltiplo: Ensaios Sobra a Épica Grega.
  • 2013.10.30:  Andrea Lozano-Vásquez, Platón y la irracionalidad.
  • 2013.10.29:  Yasmin Haskell, Prescribing Ovid: The Latin Works and Networks of the Enlightened Dr. Heerkens.
  • 2013.10.28:  Timothy J. Moore, Roman Theatre. Cambridge learning; Greece and Rome: texts and contexts.
  • 2013.10.27:  Han Baltussen, Greek and Roman Consolations: Eight Studies of a Tradition and its Afterlife.
  • 2013.09.57:  Edoardo Bona, Carlos Lévy, Giuseppina Magnaldi, Vestigia notitiai: scritti in memoria di Michelangelo Giusta.
  • 2013.09.58:  Nicola Zwingmann, Antiker Tourismus in Kleinasien und auf den vorgelagerten Inseln: Selbstvergewisserung in der Fremde. Antiquitas, Reihe 1, Abhandlungen zur alten Geschichte, Bd. 
  • 2013.09.59:  Yannis Papadogiannakis, Christianity and Hellenism in the Fifth-century Greek East: Theodoret’s Apologetics against the Greeks in Context. Hellenic studies, 49.
  • 2013.09.60:  Richard Bett, Sextus Empiricus: Against the Physicists. Cambridge;
  • 2013.09.61:  Roger S. Bagnall, The Encyclopedia of Ancient History (13 vols.).
  • 2013.09.62:  Giovanni Turelli, Audi Iuppiter: il collegio dei feziali nell’esperienza giuridica romana. Collana del Dipartimento di scienze giuridiche dell’Università degli studi di Brescia.
  • 2013.09.63:  Stefanie Märtin, Die politische Führungsschicht der römischen Republik im 2. Jh. v. Chr. zwischen Konformitätsstreben und struktureller Differenzierung. Bochumer Altertumswissenschaftliches Colloquium 87.
  • 2013.09.64:  Maria Serena Funghi, Gabriella Messeri, Cornelia Eva Römer, Ostraca greci e bilingui del Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology (O.Petr.Mus.). (3 vols.) Papyrologica Florentina, 42.
  • 2013.09.65:  David M. Schaps, Handbook for Classical Research.
  • 2013.09.66:  Sandra Bingham, The Praetorian Guard: A History of Rome’s Elite Special Forces.
  • 2013.09.67:  Filippo Canali De Rossi, La tirannide in Grecia antica. Fare storia, 1.
  • 2013.09.68:  Paul Christesen, Sport and Democracy in the Ancient and Modern Worlds.
  • 2013.10.02:  Guy Lachenaud, Les Routes de la voix: l’Antiquité grecque et le mystère de la voix. Études anciennes. Série grecque, 147.
  • 2013.10.03:  Response: Bar-Kochva on Pelling on Bar-Kochva, The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature.
  • 2013.10.04:  Gregory S. Aldrete, Alicia Aldrete, The Long Shadow of Antiquity: What Have the Greeks and Romans Done for Us?.
  • 2013.10.05:  Guy MacLean Rogers, The Mysteries of Artemis of Ephesos: Cult, Polis, and Change in the Graeco-Roman World. Synkrisis.
  • 2013.10.06:  Maria Clara Conti, Le terrecotte architettoniche di Selinunte: Tetti del VI e V secolo a.C. Museo civico di Castelvetrano e parco archeologico di Selinunte. Biblioteca di Sicilia antiqua, 5.
  • 2013.10.07:  L. Bouke van der Meer, Ostia Speaks. Inscriptions, Buildings and Spaces in Rome’s Main Port.
  • 2013.10.08:  Stephen Harrison, Christopher Stray, Expurgating the Classics: Editing Out in Greek and Latin.
  • 2013.10.09:  David Nirenberg, Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition.
  • 2013.10.10:  Robert J. Roecklein, Machiavelli and Epicureanism: An Investigation into the Origins of Early Modern Political Thought.
  • 2013.10.11:  R. Joy Littlewood, A Commentary on Silius Italicus’ ‘Punica’ 7.
  • 2013.10.12:  Helene P. Foley, Re-imagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage. Sather Classical Lectures, 70.
  • 2013.10.13:  Stéphanie E.​ Binder, Tertullian, On Idolatry and Mishnah Avodah Zarah. Jewish and Christian perspectives series, 22.
  • 2013.10.14:  Response: Montanaro on Mastrocinque on Montanaro, Ambre figurate.
  • 2013.10.15:  Viccy Coltman, Making Sense of Greek Art.
  • 2013.10.16:  Ellen Muehlberger, Angels in Late Ancient Christianity.
  • 2013.10.17:  Andrew S. Jacobs, Christ Circumcised: A Study in Early Christian History and Difference. Divinations: rereading late ancient religion.
  • 2013.10.18:  Jerry Toner, Roman Disasters.
  • 2013.10.19:  Donald Lateiner, Barbara K. Gold, Judith Perkins, Roman Literature, Gender, and Reception: domina illustris. Essays in honor of Judith Peller Hallett. Routledge monographs in classical studies, 13.
  • 2013.10.20:  Alfredo Mario Morelli, Lepos e mores: una giornata su Catullo. Atti del convegno internazionale, Cassino, 27 maggio 2010. Collana di studi umanistici, 2.
  • 2013.10.21:  Jan Kwapisz, David Petrain, Mikołaj Szymański, The Muse at Play: Riddles and Wordplay in Greek and Latin Poetry. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, Bd. 305.
  • 2013.10.22:  Claude Pavur, Easy on the Odes: A Latin Phrase-book for the Odes of Horace.
  • 2013.10.23:  Michelle Zerba, Doubt and Skepticism in Antiquity and the Renaissance.
  • 2013.10.24:  D. S. Levene, Livy on the Hannibalic War.
  • 2013.10.25:  Alessandra Romeo, Orfeo in Ovidio: la creazione di un nuovo epos. Studi di filologia antica e moderna, 25.
  • 2013.10.26:  Giuseppe Zecchini, Alessandro Galimberti, Storici antichi e storici moderni nella Methodus di Jean Bodin. Contributi di storia antica, 10.

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem x kalendas novembres

ante diem x kalendas novembres

42 B.C. — the forces of Marcus Antonius defeat those of Cassius and Brutus in the second Battle of Phillipi; Brutus subsequently commited suicide

12 A.D. — the future emperor Tiberius celebrates a triumph for his victories in Pannonia and Dalmatia

524 or 525 — martyrdom of Boethius

… and ten years ago at rogueclassicism, inter alia we were getting our first hints that maybe the Bactrian Hoard had been saved from the Taliban …

Classical Words of the Day