Housekeeping ~ Tandem Aliquando

With the Christmas break approaching, I’m in a position to finally start catching up on things properly. The problem is, however, that the HUGE backlog lurking in my mailbox includes items which I want to post, but which don’t quite qualify as “news” anymore. I still want to post them, but I want you folks to know that I know that they are probably a bit stale, newswise (I usually use a cutoff date of 8-10 days for a ‘best before’ date). Accordingly, I’ve created a category “Tandem Aliquando” which should appear somewhere on the post (with other categories, natch) and which should serve as a reasonable hint as to the freshness of the item. If I remember, I’ll also indicate somewhere in the post itself … just so y’all know!

Newsletter|The Canadian Classical Bulletin/Le Bulletin canadien des Études anciennes 20.04

I’m experimenting with giving professional organization’s newsletters a wider audience. Here’s the TOC from the latest CCB (the newsletter of the Classics Association of Canada):

[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces et nouvelles de la Société

  • Latest issue of Phoenix now available / Dernier fascicule de Phoenix maintenant disponible
  • Annual Meeting, McGill University, Montreal, May 6–9, 2014 (reminder) / Congrès annuel, Université McGill, Montréal, 6–9 mai 2014 (rappel)
  • Women’s Network panel: “Women and Competition” (reminder) / Séance du Réseau des femmes: “Les femmes et la compétition” (rappel)

[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA

  • A word from the Editor / Un mot du rédacteur

[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler

  • St Thomas Moore College: Assistant Professor in History (Latin Christian Antiquity)

[4] Conferences & Lectures; Calls for Papers / Conférences; appels à communications

  • UBC: CFP: “The Time Is Out of Joint”: Disjointed Narratives, Weird Chronologies and Yawning Bridges to the Ancient Past
  • Waterloo: Workshop “Recent Research on Ancient Galatia”
  • Waterloo: Graduate Symposium “Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor”

[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses et concours

  • CIG: Homer and Dorothy Thompson Fellowship (reminder) / ICG: Bourse Homer et Dorothy Thompson (rappel)
  • SCAPAT: Undergraduate Essay Contest (reminder) / SCAPAT: concours de dissertations de premier cycle (rappel)

[6] Summer Study, Field Schools, Special Programmes / Cours d’été et écoles de terrain, programmes spécialisés

  • UVic: Field Schools in Greece, Summer 2014
  • Manitoba: MA program: The Archaeology of Ancient Greek Trade

[7] Varia (including members’ new books / dont les nouveaux livres des membres)

  • Optical character recognition of over 600 volumes of ancient Greek

…. check it out in detail here