Alexander and Caesar Ailurophobes?

The Daily Mail excerpts some questionable things from a Pointless Things compendium, inter alia:

[…] Some famous people apparently had ailurophobia – a fear of cats: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, William Shakespeare, Louis XIV, Napoleon Bonaparte, Isadora Duncan, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Oh, and Dwight D Eisenhower is said to have had his staff shoot any cats seen on the grounds of his home. […]

This seems to be a pretty standard list repeated all over the interwebs, but I’m really curious … does anyone recall a story/anecdote in an ancient source which might have given Alexander and/or Caesar the ailurophobe tag?

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3 thoughts on “Alexander and Caesar Ailurophobes?

  1. Well, I could understand during Alexanders and, later, Julius’ Caesars time (both were very familiar with Egyptian culture), that maybe they werent really ‘afraid’ of cats more then they perceived them as bad omens (unlike the rest of Egypt)…In ancient Egypt, cats represented a guard in afterlife or a guard of the dead. So maybe in both of their minds, if a cat was to hang around too long, well maybe, bad things might happen to them and they would end up dead soon??

    1. Still need an ancient source attesting to that, though, in either case.

  2. Never heard of any source saying that, David. It looks like a case of adding names that look like they’d fit the text.

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