ARTIFACT & ARTIFICE: Classical Archaeology and the Ancient Historian

Classics for All Reviews

by Jonathan M. Hall

Chicago (2014) p/b 258pp £31.50 (ISBN 9780226096988)

H. sets out in this excellent collection of nine case studies (or cautionary tales, as he dubs them) to persuade the reader that no one approach to the study of classical Greece and Rome can claim ascendancy over another. Textual and the material sources cannot separately be expected to answer conclusively any of the questions which we may want to ask about the ancient world, and each has significant methodological issues which need to be addressed before major claims to conclusive knowledge are to be made. The traditional divisions of academic structure can sometimes hinder the progress towards such conclusions. H. has done his best in this book, based on a series of lectures he regularly gives at the University of Chicago called ‘Archaeology and the Ancient Historian’, to encourage fruitful dialogue and interdisciplinary approaches.

The Introduction outlines the…

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