ROMAN REFLECTIONS: Iron Age to Viking Age in Northern Europe

Classics for All Reviews

by Klavs Randsborg

Bloomsbury Academic (2015) h/b 192pp £44.99 (ISBN: 9781472579539)

This short volume consists of five essays that shed new light on a selection of topics related to Iron Age and Viking Age Northern Europe. The studies invite debate about the relationship between the Romans and their northern neighbours through an interdisciplinary look at a choice of open arguments: the possible interpretations of Bog Bodies, the question of the culture and location of the Cimbri, the value and reliability of the ethnographical information in Tacitus’ Germania, the unclear provenance of northern place and peoples’ names, and the origins and advance of the Danes.

R. is at his most convincing when he analyses the latest archaeological evidence with the support of classical texts to open new paths for investigation. For example, his hypothesis of the bog bodies as killed hostages is not only supported with a wealth of evidence…

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