Speaking of Pompey’s Murder …

As part of our ‘Grand Tour’ this summer, our relatives took us to the Chateau  de Modave, which is in the province of Liege in Belgium and is a fine example of what the ‘second’ and ‘third’ tier nobility of the Renaissance would have enjoyed as a country house. Amongst several items of Classical interest (which we’ll return to, as time allows), is a rather large tapestry depicting the presentation of Pompey’s head to Julius Caesar:

photo D. Meadows

Interesting how ‘Renaissance’ the Romans look and how ‘eastern’ Pompey’s head seems to look … notice the bundle of fasces in the crowd at the back … the city in the background looks like Liege (the twin towers of St Bart’s)  … and is that a ‘pygmy’ delivering the goods? So much going on in this one ……

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem iv kalendas octobres

English: Pompey the Great, Ny Carlsberg Glypto...
English: Pompey the Great, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (inv. 733). Nederlands: Gnaius Pompeius Magnus, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (inv. 733). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ante diem iv kalendas octobres

48 B.C. — Pompeius Magnus, in the wake of his defeat at Pharsalus, is murdered as he steps ashore in Egypt

Reptitiationes ~ 09/27/15