This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem xi kalendas decembres

ante diem xi kalendas decembres

  • 164 B.C. — Judas Maccabeus restores the Temple in Jerusalem, including removal of the Hellenistic statuary (maybe)
  • 53 B.C. – Death of Marcus Licinius Crassus in Mesopotamia shortly after his defeat at Carrhae (maybe)
  • 1912 — birth of Pierre Grimal
    Deutsch: Porträtbüste aus der späten römischen...
    Deutsch: Porträtbüste aus der späten römischen Republik, gefunden im Liciniergrab, Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek, Kopenhagen, stellt wahrscheinlich Marcus Licinius Crassus dar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • 1914 — birth of Michael Grant (yes, the incredibly prolific one)
  • 1931 — birth of Lewis Binford ((not Classical, but important) archaeologist)

Repititiationes ~ 11/20/15

A short one … day was too busy to monitor things: