The Ancient World in Streaming Media ~ January 29, 2017

We had to do some tweaking of spiders and the like, but this seems doable now (n.b. there might be some duplicates from the previous installment as well)

Descriptions, where given, come from the media producers



Ancient Greece Declassified

06 What Is Greek Tragedy? w/ Rush Rehm (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides)
Jan 29th 2017, 19:28

When in Rome

Episode XVIII – Diocletian’s Palace
Jan 3rd 2017, 03:54

The History of Exploration Podcast

Episode 7 – Eudoxus of Cyzicus Doesn’t Always Drink Beer, But When He Does…
Episode 7 – Eudoxus of Cyzicus Doesn’t Always Drink Beer, But When He Does…
Jan 7th 2017, 23:56


Episode 18: Homeric Hymn to Dionysus
Jan 8th 2017, 22:58

The History of Ancient Greece Podcast

030 – Herodotus and the Rise of Persia
Jan 23rd 2017, 05:04

Sermones Raedarii

Sermo Raedarius XXV
Jan 24th 2017, 17:40

Sermo XXIV
Jan 18th 2017, 17:47

Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast

QDP Ep 32: De Synonymis

QDP Ep 32: De Synonymis

Jan 23rd 2017, 07:00

Literature and History

Episode 34: The Traditions of Our Forefathers (Euripides’ The Bacchae)
Jan 24th 2017, 22:22

Roman Emperors: Totalus Rankium

47 Carus
Jan 28th 2017, 13:56

The Almost Forgotten

Episode 2.2 – The Diadochi Part 2 – Perdiccas and Eumenes
Jan 18th 2017, 02:14

The History of Greece

001 – Proem

Jan 22nd 2017, 00:00

Life Of Caesar

Life of Augustus #50 – Imperium
Jan 20th 2017, 07:04

Maeve In America

The Dan-el Episode – Odyssey of the Undocumented

Jan 17th 2017, 11:00

Greek and Roman Drama – Theatre History & Modern Performance (APGRD Public Lectures)

Bodies and Texts: Attitudes towards Ancient Tragedy

Jan 10th 2017, 16:51

Flash Point History

Punic Wars – Part VI – Delenda Est Carthago
Jan 20th 2017, 00:16

The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

Adventures in Podcasting: David Pettegrew, the Isthmus, and Corinthian Awesomeness
Jan 18th 2017, 14:44

The Partial Historians

Episode 67 – Coriolanus – Exiled!

Episode 67 – Coriolanus – Exiled!

Jan 8th 2017, 09:24

Emperors of Rome

Episode LXIII – Women Poets

Jan 24th 2017, 04:06

From Youtube:

British School at Rome

Society for Classical Studies:

British School at Rome:


Ancient Blogger:

… that’s all for this week; we’ll try to make this a weekly thing

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