The Ancient World in Streaming Media 1.4 ~ February 12, 2017

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The History of Ancient Greece Podcast

032 – Cambyses

In this episode, we discuss the political happenings during the reign of the Persian king, Cambyses, with a particular focus on Polykrates of Samos; the Persian conquest of Egypt; the failed campaigns in Africa against the Nubians, Cyreneans, and Carthaginians; and the “madness” of Cambyses


Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast

QDP Ep 34: De Senecae Epistula Quarta (pars secunda)

QDP Ep 34: De Senecae Epistula Quarta (pars secunda)

Hoc in colloquio, Augustus et Iustus et Iason de epistula quarta a Seneca scripta et de Legonio colloquuntur.


Emperors of Rome

Episode LXIV – Q and A III

Listeners provide questions and Rhiannon and Matt answer! In this episode: – What did the Romans know about China and India?

– What did the Romans know about China and India? – At what point does someone who is conquered become a slave?

– At what point does someone who is conquered become a slave?

– Where did the colours come from for Roman garments?

– What did Romans celebrate?

– What did Romans eat?

– Do we know where Julius Caesar was stabbed?

– Who is our favourite Emperor?

– How did the ancient texts get to us today?

– How do we prepare and do our research for the podcast?


Sermones Raedarii

Fabula Raedaria V

Musici Bremenses, sive de commodis male canendi.


Literature and History

Episode 35: The Great Thundercrap (Aristophanes’ The Clouds)

Aristophanes’ The Clouds is a dazzling satire on Athenian philosophy, showing a very different Socrates than Plato’s.


Life Of Caesar

Life of Augustus #51 – Dark Shadow

It’s late 23 BCE. Agrippa leaves Rome and makes his home in Lesbos. Rumours fly. Meanwhile there are still plagues, famine and natural disasters in Rome. The dark shadow of death lies over at least one member of Augustus’ inner circle.


The Classicist

Is Trumpism Sustainable?

Victor Davis Hanson examines the early initiatives coming out of the Trump Administration and reflects on whether the new president’s momentum is …


Roman Emperors: Totalus Rankium

50 Diocletian

“Crisis? What Crisis?” these words may have brought down a labour govenment in the 1970s*, but when Diocletian uttered them in in the 280s everyone saw it as a challenge chaos that had prevaled for the last 50 years. Let’s face it, it’s time someone rolled up their sleves and sorted this mess out…
*apologies for the semi-obscure 70s UK politics reference.



SCS Annual Meeting (2017): Session 24 – Bruce Robertson

SCS Annual Meeting (2017): Session 24 – Marie-Claire Beaulieu

SCS Annual Meeting (2017): Session 24 – Christopher Blackwell

SCS Annual Meeting (2017): Session 24 – Response and Q&A

25/01/2017- Cycle céramique. M. Giannopoulou