#podcastitas ~ Stop! Homer Time – Episodes 3 & 4 — Overdue

The experiment continues! It’s the show-within-a-show where we read Emily Wilson’s new translation of The Odyssey a few books at a time and having a more in-depth chat about it than they do about most books. 69 more words

#podcastitas ~ Episode 9: The Age of Alexander – Son of a God, King of the World — The Hellenistic Age Podcast

This action packed episode covers Alexander’s travels and tribulations in Egypt, the nature of godhood, and closes with the final confrontation with Darius at Gaugamela. 135 more words

#podcastitas ~ Cleopatra: Daggers & Dinner | The Soothesayer — Giants of History

Welcome back all history fans to the Giants of History Podcast! In this twelfth episode of our series on Cleopatra, we continue to explore the events leading up to the assassination of Julius Caesar, including the many bad omens that appeared as the Ides of March approached. We hope you enjoy! For exclusive access to…