#podcastitas ~ S.1 E.6 Ask a Classicist with Jen Campbell: Fairy Tales, Disney Films & Food — That’s Ancient History

In ‘Ask a Classicist’ host Jean Menzies invites a guest with no background in classics to quiz her on everything they’ve ever wondered about antiquity. In this episode she is joined by author Jen Campbell as they discuss Disney’s Hercules, the similarities between myth and fairy tales and how the ancients dined. Books Mentioned: The…

#podcastitas ~ The Pompeii Baths — When in Rome

Baths were the place where Romans of all levels of society could get clean, exercise, do business and socialise. Just like the forum, they were a place of congregation, and the three bath houses in Pompeii speak to their popularity. Guest: Dr Chritopher Gribbin (Public Historian)

#podcastitas ~ Episode XCIX – Q and A IV — Emperors of Rome

For the fourth time, listeners provide questions and Rhiannon and Matt answer! In this episode: – Was Livia the scheming sociopath that Robert Graves portrayed? – What is the difference between Caesar and Augustus? Are the titles the same? – What did the Romans write their manuscripts on? – How did the Romans picture the…

#podcastitas ~ XXXV: When Women Revolt, Aristophanes’ Lysistrata — Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast

The Lysistrata is a comedy play by the ancient Greek Aristophanes. He proposes this: what would happen if all the women banded together to deny sex from the men? 150 more words