#podcastitas ~ βαρβαρισμός 27 — Sermones Raedarii

Καινόν τι καὶ μέγα διηγήσομαι: ὁ Μαρτίνος ἐγεννήθη!

#podcastitas ~ Tiberius #1 – Killing Aggy P — Life Of The Caesars

And so it was that in the year 767 Ab Urb Condita, 14 AD if you’re a Christian, or 14 CE if you’re secular Or, if […]

#podcastitas ~ Episode 6 – Vassar College Seniors 2018 — The Mirror of Antiquity

What the study of antiquity means to five seniors graduating from Vassar College with degrees in Greek and Roman Studies: Allison Sugino, Jonathan Chung, Jordy Carrick, Michael Oosterhout, and Haley Ryan. Stream or download the episode, or subscribe on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or RSS. Episode Music: Podington Bear: “Twosome” Blue…

#podcastitas ~ 079 – Old Age, Death, and Burial — The History of Ancient Greece Podcast

In this episode, we discuss what life was like for the elderly in ancient Greece, the liminal stage between life and death, the rituals and importance of the funeral and burial, the archaeology of the Kerameikos in Athens and its significance in our understanding of Greek funerary practices, the importance of the demosion sema and…