#podcastitas ~ Episode 11: The Age of Alexander – Alas, What Evil Customs Reign in Macedon — The Hellenistic Age Podcast

The lands of Bactria and Sogdiana take their toll on the Macedonians, with murder, marriage and Medism marking the difficult years of 329 – 327 BC.

#podcastitas ~ Ep 314 – Love Story, by Erich Segal — Overdue

NOTE: This episode does contain explicit language. Welcome back to our good friends Margaret and Sophie! They’re here to tell you all about Erich Segal’s classic tearjerker Love Story. Get ready to hear about tears, jerks, and unfortunate fate of the original cool girl.Other talking points include: saying you’re sorry, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and preposterous…

#podcastitas ~ 12. Pius I — PONTIFACTS

This episode is about Pope Pius I! Or at least, it tries to be, while also touching on all the major figures of second century Christianity that outshone him, including his own brother. We’ll discuss Pius’s life and contributions, and decide whether or he is an overshadowed gem, or a needle in a haystack. Shepherd…

#podcastitas ~ S.1 E.8 Visiting Ancient Sites with Harriet Scott & Jill Scott — That’s Ancient History

From the Colosseum to the Palace of Knossos, from Hadrian’s Wall to the Parthenon, this episode of That’s Ancient History travels the Ancient World as it survives today. 127 more words