#podcastitas ~ Amazons: Warrior Women of the Ancient Steppe — Ancient History Fangirl


Think the Amazons of Greek myth were mythical? Think again. The Greeks based their Amazons on the real-life warrior women next door. Centuries ago, ancient writers claimed that Scythian women of the Eurasian Steppe fought in battle alongside their men. Now, with modern bioarchaeology, the bones of fierce female warriors have emerged from their grave…

#podcastitas ~ Roman Memory (Part 2) — Classics Confidential


This is the second in a pair of audio programmes on ROMAN MEMORY. This episode features (in order of appearance) Maggie Popkin (Case Western Reserve University) on the Roman souvenir trade, especially the glass bottles from Baia and Pozzuoli Zena Kamash (Royal Holloway, University of London) on a small cattle figurine from Marcham Frilford (scroll […]