#podcastitas ~ HOF Episode 11: Bread and Circuses, but Mostly Bread (Rome) — ANTHROCHEF

Rome. Probably what most people think of when they think “Ancient World”. In this episode, however, we discover that in terms of the culinary, the Roman Republic and then Empire was most distinguishable as a lens into the diets and cooking of the wider ancient World before it. Come listen to find out more. Music […]

#podcastitas ~ Tiberius #9 – Happy Fish — Life Of The Caesars

The other problem Tibbo had in 16 was a belated consequence of the removal of Agrippa Postumus. As soon as he heard of Augustus’ death, Clemens, […]

#podcastitas ~ XL: The End of the Trojan War, Something About a Horse & a Heel — Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast

It’s the end of the war as we know it. Finally, the Trojan War comes to an end. We cover Achilles and his famous heel, the Trojan horse, and what happens to the Trojans when the Greeks are finished with them. A general mythology warning: far too many Greek myths involve assaulting women. I’m sorry,…

#podcastitas ~ Episode 62: Etymological Ghosts — The Endless Knot

From modern words for ghost, to Latin and Greek terms for spirits, to ghost words that haunt dictionaries, we explore some spooky etymologies and tell some ancient ghost stories.Sound EducationGreen Ghost CocktailLiquified Ghost CocktailGhost videoEidolon online journalPliny’s letter 7.27 in EnglishVIdeo of a performance of the Latin version of Pliny’s ghost storyList of ancient ghost…