#podcastitas ~ Pompeii Tombs — When in Rome

Tombs line the roads leading away from Pompeii, as is customary for many Roman towns and cities. They give a direct connection to those who called Pompeii home, and the way they interact with those who have passed away. Guest: Dr Virginia Campbell (Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History, University of Exeter).


#podcastitas ~ Calm in the chaos: the story of the Stoics — The Forum

Stoicism is a school of thought over two thousand years old that asked how to live “a good life” in an unpredictable world, and how to make the best of what is in our power, while accepting the rest as it happens naturally. It trumpeted the value of reason as man’s most valuable Virtue, and…

#podcastitas ~ Halloween Special: It’s Scary as Hell Down There… Hades and his Underworld — Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast

Happy Halloween! In this Halloween special we delve into the god and goddess of the dead themselves, Hades and Persephone. We also get the low down on where you go when you die, and who you might encounter. A general mythology warning: far too many Greek myths involve assaulting women. I’m sorry, that’s just the…