#Thelxinoe ~ Your Morning Salutatio for May 28, 2019

Testing to see if this is feasible/doable (cutoff time for inclusion was 7:00 a.m. on this day)… culling assorted social media feeds to create something to allow folks to get caught up with Classics beyond the tower … still trying to figure out formatting for podcasts … more to be added when I get the rhythm …

In the News:

Remains of entire Roman town discovered next to A-road in Kent | The Independent

Proof of the ancient Hekate cult found | Neos Kosmos

2,000-year-old marble head of god Dionysus discovered under Rome | Telegraph

Statues on top of Mount Nemrut await visitors | Hurriyet

Fresh Blogs:

Domestic Violence in Ancient Rome and Game of Thrones | Society for Classical Studies

The Edithorial: Next-Generation Classicists in Prague & Warsaw Police Station 

Catullus 101: A fraternal farewell | The Classical Anthology

The Lysippus bust of Alexander the Great | Roger Pearse

Talking about Making Choices via Hercules at the Polish Theatre | Mythology and Autism – Susan Deacy

Renewed Italian claims on the Getty | Looting Matters

Alexander in Iran | The Second Achilles

Interactive Dig ~ Pompeii 2018: Week 4 | Archaeological Institute of America

Fresh Podcasts:

When in Rome: Insula dell’Ara Coeli 

Living in Rome for your everyday pleb was quite different to the plush Roman villa we’re all familiar with, and the Insula dell’Ara Coeli is one of the rare examples we have of an ancient Roman suburban apartment block.

Women in Wartime with Pat Barker by That’s Ancient History

Welcome back for season two of That’s Ancient History! We are kicking things off with a very special first episode featuring an interview with award-winning author Pat Barker. Pat Barker’s latest book, The Silence of the Girls, retells Homer’s Iliad from the perspective of Briseis a Trojan Queen who has been captured during the Trojan War and given as a slave to the Greek hero Achilles. This podcast discussed the experience of women during wartime, enslavement, sexual violence, PTSD, retelling ancient myths and the timeless themes of Homer’s poetry.

Kings and Generals: History for our Future: 1.2. Bactrian Revolt and Lamian War

In this episode we will talk about the first embers of the Wars of the Successors

Book Reviews:

Paul Fontaine, Sophie Helas (ed.), Le fortificazioni arcaiche del ‘Latium vetus’ e dell’Etruria meridionale (IX-VI sec. a.C.) : stratigrafia, cronologia e urbanizzazione : atti delle Giornate di Studio : Roma, Academia Belgica, 19-20 settembre 2013. Institut Historique Belge de Rome Artes, 7. [BMCR]

Matthew Wright, The Lost Plays of Greek Tragedy. Volume 2, Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. London; New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019. [BMCR]

Paolo Orsi, Giuseppina Monterosso, Gioconda Lamagna (ed.), I taccuini, I: Riproduzione anastatica e trascrizione dei taccuini 1-4. Monumenti antichi, 75. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider, 2018. [BMCR]

Dramatic Receptions:

Blueprint Medea review – Euripides explodes in modern London | The Guardian

Nice Troy | Artforum International [Norma Jeane Baker of Troy]


Cartoon exhibition pokes fun at life on Hadrian’s Wall | BBC News


How Technology Is Tracking Stolen Artifacts | US News

Where you can volunteer at archaeological digs in Israel | Haaretz.com

Preserving the Ancient Greek Martial Art form- Pankration | Greek City Times

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