#Thelxinoe ~ Your Morning Salutatio for May 29, 2019

We’re still in the ‘figuring out’ stage for this feature … the idea is to help folks get quickly caught up with news and social media without having to wade through all the ‘other stuff’ … if you’re in a Classics department full of folks skeptical about social media, perhaps send them a link …

In the News:

Greek pioneer of underwater archaeology dies at 95 | Kathimerini

Lost Roman marching camp sheds new light on invasion of Scotland | The Scotsman

Mysterious ancient burial mound used for 2,000 years | Phys.org

Italy’s new ruins: heritage sites being lost to neglect and looting | The Guardian

Retaken Areas In Syria Reveal Vandalism By Terrorists In Ancient City Of Apamea | UrduPoint


What’s So Useful About Studying Ancient History? | Daily Beast [Barry Strauss]

How to talk to your kids about Byzantium | Neos Kosmos


The Languages:

@AkropolisWorldNews: Ἆρα τίς τῷ Βολσονάρο ἐπέθετο; 

@Ephemeris QUID DE ITALIA?




In Case You Missed It:

Ancient marble head of god Dionysus discovered under Rome | The Local

The new treasures of Pompeii | The Spectator


Fresh Bloggery:

Back to the Apotheke | Ancient History Ramblings

Autour des Pontiques d’Ovide | Spartokos a lu

ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: Via Alessandrina: dagli scavi emerge la testa di Dioniso. Foto, in: IL MESSAGGERO (24 & 25/05/2019) & Foto, in: DR. ARCH. FEDERICO CELLETTI | FACEBOOK (24/05/2016).| The Imperial Fora: Archaeological News & Related Studies 2010-19

Ancient Celtic Egyptian Mithra Cults in Oklahoma | America Unearthed S1, Ep 5. –

The Harris Homer Roll Online | Variant Readings


Fresh Podcasts:


Odysseus listens to the Sirens.  I pause to provide a historical review of how Sirens evolved over time, following Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus then chooses between Charybdis and Scylla, and I pause to relate a seriously twisted “Scylla back-story”.  And finally, we witness the incredibly disturbing deaths of all of Odysseus’ remaining crew.

Episode 11: King of Kings  | The History of Persia

Returning to the narrative, it’s time to see what Cyrus got up to in the final decade of his rule, after conquering Babylon. He traveled around his empire, between a collection of important capital cities, founded cities, and constructed monuments. He also conquered. This episode pushes the narrative eastward into the provinces of Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia and explores some of the events that happened there. Then it’s time to finish the story of Cyrus the Great, with one last campaign on the northeastern frontier.


Book Reviews:

[BMCR] Sadie Pickup, Sally Waite (ed.), Shoes, Slippers, and Sandals: Feet and Footwear in Classical Antiquity. 

[BMCR] Christian Riedweg, Christoph Horn, Dietmar Wyrwa (ed.), Philosophie der Kaiserzeit und der Spätantike. Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie. Die Philosophie der Antike 5/3.

[BMCR]  Livia Capponi, Il ritorno della fenice: intellettuali e potere nell’Egitto romano. Studi e testi di storia antica, 23. 

Book Review: Adam Winn, Reading Mark’s Christology Under Caesar: Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial Ideology | Reading Acts

Book Scene: How religion influenced Alexander’s military campaigns | Yakima Herald [Naden, Soldier, Priest, and God]


Dramatic Receptions:

Review: Antigonick and The Fragments of Sappho from Taffety Punk – DC Theatre Scene

Review: Klytemnestra: An Epic Slam Poem, a courageous act of revolution in the Trump era – DC Theatre Scene

Blueprint Medea review at Finborough Theatre, London – ‘fails to convince’

Elektra | Croatian National Theatre | Music in Croatia

The themes in Antigone are revisited in this modern adaptation | Charleston City Paper


Conferences and Calls for Papers:

Schedule – Sportula’s Naked Soul Conference 

CASA Conference (CFP)



Summary – Chef Meets Curator: A Roman Banquet 

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