#Thelxinoe ~ Classics News for April 13, 2020

Hodie est Id. Apr. 2772 AUC ~ 21 Elaphebolion in the third year of the 699th Olympiad

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An exploration of how Helen of Troy and Sparta became the symbolic spark of the Trojan War. As a favorite of Aphrodite, she endured the goddess’ blessings and curses. The Wonder Women of Greek Mythology series focuses on the female characters of the Trojan War era.

I, Podius ain’t your daddy’s I, Claudius-based podcast! On Episode 9 of I, Podius, hosts John Hodgman and Elliott Kalan recap another thrilling episode of “I, Claudius” and take a special dispatch from the empire from friend to the show Adam Koford!

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Today on the Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar:

If it thunders today, it portends destruction for men and cattle.

… adapted from the text and translation of:

Jean MacIntosh Turfa, The Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar, in Nancy Thomson de Grummond and Erika Simon (eds.), The Religion of the Etruscans. University of Texas Press, 2006. (Kindle edition)