#Thelxinoe ~ Classics News for May 7, 2021

Hodie est Non. Mai. 2774 AUC ~ 25 Mounichion in the fourth year of the 699th Olympiad

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  • [Ephemeris] FOEDVS ABEST De pactorum abruptione

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The Punic Wars was a series of three wars fought between two of the Mediterranean’s superpowers: Carthage and Rome; the result of which changed the balance of power in the region. Dr Kathryn Lomas, Durham University, joins the show to explain what happened in the First Punic War.

Synopsis:  Hattusili III’s diplomacy with the pharaoh Ramesses II culminates in the world’s first peace treaty.  After his death, his son Tudhaliya IV drives out the Ahhiyawans, then defends northern Syria against Assyrian aggression.

Murray answers this question from one of our patrons, Mythic Lore; ‘What is known / reasonably theorised about the formations and tactics used during the late bronze age (Mycenaeans, Hittites, Luwians – Trojan War, etc)?’

Nero likes hanging out under bridges where he could “take his pleasures more freely” and this leads to trouble for Sulla’s great-great-great grandson. But Nero also wants to abolish taxes because he’s a dirty commie. Then the Germans start some shit and find out why he was called “ONE CHANCE NERO”.

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‘Sorting’ Out Your Day:

Today on the Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar:

If it thunders today, it portends an abundance of birds and fish.

… adapted from the text and translation of:

Jean MacIntosh Turfa, The Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar, in Nancy Thomson de Grummond and Erika Simon (eds.), The Religion of the Etruscans. University of Texas Press, 2006. (Kindle edition)