Fascinating Aida?

A music/performance review from the Times was snagged by one of the spiders … check this paragraph out:

They have pared the show to two costume changes a night. A blend of subtlety and showmanship, strong opinions and sharp wit, erudition and free-for-all, Fascinating Aïda’s new songs are full of what they call “twisted zaniness” in the best British tradition. A short list includes It Isn’t Too Late to Be Famous, which has impeccably rhymed references to every star to grace Heat magazine (“Always smiley, just like Kylie; I’m gonna be famous”). There’s My Parents (“Mama, don’t spend my inheritance!”) and the rollicking tent revivalist song with a snake-handling Adèle, Tesco Saves (“Jesus saves but Tesco saves you more”). And there’s the audience favourite, Lieder (aka The German Song), in which they perform Bob Fosse jazz dance routines while singing deadpan about the ability of a German accent to cover a multitude of singing sins. Can’t forget those Bulgarian songs, either, with their nod to Thucydides and Boris Johnson…

I don’t have time to work my way through their stuff on Youtube (I wonder what they say about Boris and Thuc), but you might want to check it out … I thought this form of comedy had died out, but they do it well …

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