A Different Parallel/Analogy

Every week (it seems) I wade through piles of editorial flotsam and jetsam which claims the U.S. is like the Roman Empire, yadda yadda yadda, so it’s semi-refreshing when one reads a parallel like this incipit from Investor’s Chronicle:

The situation of Lloyds Bank puts one in mind of Greek tragedy. For instance, Aeschylus’ “The Supplicants”, in which the plot rest on the forced marriage of the 50 daughters of Danaus – the Danaides – to their cousins, the Aegyptians. To escape this fate, the Danaides flee to Argos, where King Pelasgus eventually agrees to protect them. But lo, the Aegytians turn up and threaten a blood bath. King Pelasgus is killed. Danaus takes his place but cannot resist the Aegyptians. The Danaides are duly married, but follow their father’s instructions to murder their husbands on their bridal beds. 49 do so. The husband of the fiftieth kills Danaus.

Direct parallels with Lloyds are hazy, but the essential commonality is there. Supplication by HBOS to be saved. Pelasgus – that’s Gordon Brown – offers to help but to no eventual avail. Like Lloyds, the Aegyptians achieve their improbable desire but are immediately decimated by it. There are a few more scenes to run yet… I fear the Lloyds body count hasn’t started.

Don’t know enough about the situation to comment on how close the analogy is, but it’s certainly different …

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