CONF: After Demosthenes

After Demosthenes: Continuity and Change in Hellenistic Oratory
2nd – 3rd July 2009, London.

Organisers: Christos Kremmydas (Royal Holloway) and Kathryn Tempest

The conference will take the form of an international, inter-disciplinary
forum that proposes to bring together scholars with different
specializations in order to stimulate discussion on the development of
oratory in the Hellenistic period. By looking for common elements of
performative speech in literary as well as documentary and epigraphical
evidence, it is hoped that this two-day conference will lead to a broader
understanding of Hellenistic oratory, assess its debt to the Classical
oratorical paradigms and examine its impact and influence upon the emerging
rhetorical culture at Rome

Thursday 2nd July

Mike Edwards (ICS) ‘Dionysius and Isaeus’
Laszlo Horvath (Budapest) ‘Hyperides and Hellenistic Oratory’
Thanasis Efstathiou (Corfu) ‘The virtue of clarity (σαφήνεια) in
hellenistic oratory and rhetoric: the case of [Demetrius] On Style.’
Christos Kremmydas (Royal Holloway) ‘The evidence of early Hellenistic
rhetorical exercises’
Lene Rubinstein (Royal Holloway) ‘The use of written documentation in real-
life orations, delivered in connection with embassies.’
Angelos Chaniotis (Oxford) ‘Theatricality and emotion in Hellenistic
decrees: rhetorical strategies in the popular assembly’
Efrem Zambon (Venice): ‘Tyrants and Pirates: two topics for the Hellenistic
Gunther Martin (Oxford): ‘Praise and persuasion: rhetorical technique in
Theocritus’ poetry’
Eleni Volonaki (University of Peloponnese, Kalamata) ‘The art of persuasion
in Jason’s speeches: Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica’

Friday 3rd July

Edith Hall (Royal Holloway) ‘Hellenistic oratory and the Hellenistic
Christopher Carey (UCL)‘The evidence for oratory in Hellenistic Drama’
Gesine Manuwald (UCL) ‘Oratory on the stage in Republican Rome’
Jonathan Powell (Royal Holloway) ‘The embassy of the three philosophers to
Rome in 155 BC’
Kathryn Tempest (Roehampton) ‘Hellenistic oratory at Rome: Cicero’s Pro
Jula Wildberger (Paris) ‘Stertinian Rhetoric’
Stanley Porter (McMaster Divinity College, Canada) ‘Paul and the

Full Conference fee: £20
Day rate: £10.

The deadline for registration is Monday 15 June 2009

Thanks to a limited amount of funding from the Classical Association, we
are pleased to be able to offer some bursaries for postgraduate students.
Please contact Dr Kathryn Tempest(k.tempest AT explaining
how attendance at the conference will advance your research plans.

The full programme, abstracts and a booking form are available at the
following webpage:

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