Cleaning out the rest of the inbox …

A new roof for Newport Roman Villa:

Coverage of Richard Seaford’s thoughts about Greek money at the Classical Association:

Coverage of the “Subversive Classics” session at Princeton:

Latin in a Nottingham primary school:

Ancient Greek in a Lexington grade school (!):

Coverage of the Caesar: the man, the deeds, the myth exhibition (I haven’t found much more on the web yet for this exhibition, which is almost over!):

Another exhibition with a bit of ClassCon is Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum:

New at Project Muse:

Interesting article by Amelia Sparavigna:

Larry Hurtado in Slate:

Brief feature on the tunnel of Eupalinos on Samos:

The Classics Online Gateway is a UK outreach effort that looks emulatable …

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