CONF: Agricola Day

Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge

Day of seminars on Tacitus’ Agricola

Wednesday May 27th 2009, in Faculty Building, Sidgwick Avenue

11. 15–11.20 STEPHEN OAKLEY, Welcome
11. 20–12.45 TONY WOODMAN, The preface + DISCUSSION
12. 45–1.30 LUNCH
1. 30–2.25 CHRIS WHITTON, The voice of Cicero in the Agricola + DISCUSSION
2. 30–3.30 MYLES LAVAN, Slavishness in Britain and Rome + DISCUSSION
3. 30–4.00 TEA
4. 00–4.45 PHILIP HARDIE, Fama in the Agricola + DISCUSSION
4. 45–5.20 STEPHEN OAKLEY, How did Calgacus read his Sallust? + DISCUSSION
5. 20–5.30 BREAK
5. 30–6.45 CHRIS KRAUS, The ethnography (introducing a draft on chapters 10–12 of the commentary which she and Tony Woodman are writing on the Agricola for CUP) + DISCUSSION
6.45–7.30 DRINKS

Anyone interested in the Agricola is welcome. A buffet lunch and drinks after the conference will be provided free of charge for those who notify Stephen Oakley (spo23 AT of their intention to attend. The speakers will be taken out for dinner; others are welcome to come (at their own expense).

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