CONF: Rome in Bloomsbury

The Rome in Bloomsbury seminars return with a short spring series:
Recent Work on the Roman Military.

May 19th, 1pm (room B23, Birkbeck College, Malet Street)
Death in the Dark: Grim Secrets of the Sasanian siege of Roman Dura-Europos, Syria, c. AD 256
Dr Simon James School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester

June 2nd, 1pm (room 354, Birkbeck College, Malet Street)
Exploring Later Roman Caerleon
Dr Andy Gardner Institute of Archaeology, University College London

All welcome. For info contact Jen Baird j.baird AT

CONF: Center for the Ancient Mediterranean Events

Center for the Ancient Mediterranean

We are very lucky to host four events in the next fortnight, all of
which promise to be excellent. Please note the changes from our usual
time and venue.

This Monday, April 27th at 5pm, Werner Eck will speak on ‘Rewriting
History from Inscriptions: New Perspectives on Hadrian and the Bar
Kochba Revolt’ in the 5th floor conference room of the Italian
Academy. A reception will follow.

On Thursday, April 30th at 5pm, Mark Wilson Jones will speak on the
Pantheon in the 5th floor conference room of the Italian Academy. A
reception will follow.

Prof. Wilson Jones will also speak the next day, Friday May 1st at
11am, on ‘Gifts to the Gods: the origin of the Greek temple and the
architectural orders’ in room 930 Schermerhorn Hall.

In addition to these talks we would like to invite you to celebrate
the end of the academic year, and also the release of the latest
volume of CAM conference proceedings “Aelius Aristeides: between
Greece, Rome and the Gods” (edited by Brooke Holmes and W.V. Harris).
Please join us in the 3rd floor Library of the Italian Academy on
Monday May 4th, between 6 and 8pm.