Antiquities at Christies – Venus With Her Hair Down?

Christies Photo
Christie's Photo

Here’s a very interesting (to me) lot from the upcoming June auction of antiquities at Christies this June. As often seems to be the case, the poor lass is legless, headless, and armless, but what’s really interesting (again, to me) is the evidence on her shoulders that her hair was down. I can’t recall ever seeing a sculptural depiction of Venus with her hair down … in theory, that would mean this isn’t a ‘bathing’ Venus but she’s in some other mode.


UPDATE (just a short time later) — thanks to Caroline Lawrence (who twittered an example from Rhodes, which does seem to be in a ‘bathing’ pose) and Francesca Tronchin (e.g.) for pointing me to sculptural representations of Venus/Aphrodite Anadyomene (‘rising from the sea’ … a la Botticelli). There don’t seem to be an awful lot of them