CONF: Xenophon – Ethical Principle and Historical Enquiry

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Liverpool 8-11 July 2009

A British Academy sponsored conference devoted to the works of Xenophon will be held at the University of Liverpool’s Carnatic conference site on 8-11 July 2009. Papers are pre-circulated and available for downloading to registered participants. Those who wish to register can still do so (up to the 8th June).

Booking form

Conference Details

The following papers are already available. More will follow.

Almagor, E. Xenophon’s Anabasis and Ctesias’ Persica

Asmonti, L. Spartan foreign policy in the aftermath of Cnidus: the evidence

of Xenophon’s Hellenika

Bearzot, C. Xenophon on the Athenian embassy to Susa in 368/7

Bianco, E. Xenophon and the tradition on fourth century Athenian


Danzig, G. Irony in Cyropaedia. What’s wrong with Xenophon’s Cyrus?

Davverio, G. Socrates’ homonoia and Xenophon (Mem. 4.4.15-16)

Demont, P. Le passé et le présent dans le fin de la Cyropédie (7.5.57-58)

de Souza, P. Xenophon on naval warfare

Ferrario, S. Historical agency and self-awareness in Xenophon’s

Hellenica and Anabasis

Gera, D. The Adusius episode of the Cyropaedia

Harman, R. A spectacle of Greekness: vision and Greek identity in

Xenophon’s Agesilaus

Jansen, J. Strangers incorporated: outsiders in Xenophon’s Poroi

Johnson, D. Strauss and Xenophon

Keaveney, A. The trial of Orontas: Anabasis 1.6

Kroeker, R. Xenophon philosophos, panhellenism and the barbarian

LaForse, B. Panhellenism in Xenophon’s Agesilaus

L’Allier, L. A new look at the diatribe against the sophists in the

Cynegetica of Xenophon

Pownall, F. Critias in Xenophon’s Hellenica

Rood, T. A delightful retreat: Xenophon and the picturesque

Roy, J. Xenophon’s Peloponnese in the Hellenica

Rung, E. Xenophon, Diodorus and the mission of Philiscus in 369/8

Rzepka, J. Demos versus polis in Hellenica

Schorn, S. Xenophons Poroi: wirtschaftpolitisches Programm oder

philosophische Utopie?

Sekunda, N. Lakedaimonian writers on their army before Xenophon

Sordi, M. (†) La nautike dunamis in Senofonte dall’Athenaion Politeia ai


Stadter, P. Staying up late: Plutarch’s reading of Xenophon

Stokes, M.C. Xenophon Apology, Xenophon Memorabilia and Plato

Apology: some comparisons

Vela Tejada, J. Why did Xenophon write a Symposium? Erotike paideia and logos Sokratikos

Waterfield, R. Xenophon on Socrates’ trial and death

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