CONF: Glasgow Research Seminar, 2009-10

Seen on the Classicists list:

Dear colleagues – Please find below the programme of
research seminars hosted by the Department of Classics at the University
of Glasgow for the coming session. As always, everyone is very welcome
to attend! Please do contact me if you have any queries about the
programme, or if you’d like to meet any of the speakers over dinner
following the seminar.
The full programme for 2009-10 is also available on our website:


Seminars take place at 5 p.m. (unless otherwise advertised) on alternate
Tuesdays during term in the Murray Room (Room 410), 65 Oakfield Avenue.
All are very welcome to attend, and to join us and the speaker for
drinks and dinner afterwards; for further details please contact Luke

29th September 2009 John Bollan (University of Glasgow)
Blood-stained Hearths and Altars: Religious Evocations of Violent Death
in the 80s BC

13th October 2009 Keith Rutter (University of Edinburgh)
Coins and Cultures in Western Sicily

27th October 2009 John Marincola (Florida State University)
Virgil and the Spoils of Empire

10th November 2009 Sarah Knight (University of Leicester)
Student Milton

24th November 2009 Michael Squire (Christ’s College, Cambridge)
Visualising Epic on the Iliad Tablets
Joint meeting with the Classical Association of Scotland Glasgow & West
Centre: meeting starts at 7:30pm.

8th December 2009 Richard King (University of Glasgow)
Individuals, Soul and Memory in the Philebus

19th January 2010 Maria Pretzler (Swansea University)
Skirting around Ithaka: Establishing Credibility in Ancient Travel

2nd February 2010 Catharine Edwards (Birkbeck, University of London)
Tacitus and the Ruins of Rome

16th February 2010 Karla Pollmann (University of St. Andrews)
Christianizing Epicurus: Reception, Norm and Ideology in Latin Late

2nd March 2010 Lisa Hau (University of Glasgow)
The Narrator and Narratee in Diodorus Siculus

16th March 2010 Stephen Heyworth (Wadham College, Oxford)
locum tua tempora poscunt: Topography in Ovid’s Fasti

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