JOB: Classics/Medieval @ BinghamtonU

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Beginning Fall 2010, Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics
(Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies) and Medieval Studies,
two years, possibility of renewal. We primarily seek a broadly trained
classicist/medievalist to teach Latin all levels. Additional coursework
will likely include: lecture course in classical and/or late antique
studies; interdisciplinary, introductory course in medieval-early modern
studies; graduate seminar in palaeography, codicology, or similar.
Preference to those possessing teaching competence in ancient Greek (all
levels). Scholarly interests complementing teaching needs. The
successful candidate will teach 3/3 load. This position entails
affiliation with, and participation in, BU零 Center for Medieval and
Renaissance Studies (CEMERS). No other departmental or service-related
responsibilities. Salary commensurate with credentials and experience.
Position approved for funding by the University administration. Evidence
of a viable scholarly program definite plus. No particular scholarly
specialization, but primary and secondary expertise distributed between
literary-cultural production of classical/late antique Roman world and
Latin Middle Ages. Especially desirable: interdisciplinary foci,
interest in material culture, teaching engaging students, all levels,
undergraduate and graduate. Degree in hand by commencement of
appointment. Online submission of application materials. Submit a
letter, CV, evidence of teaching effectiveness via Interview Exchange
standard PC/Mac-readable formats (e.g., word doc, pdf) only. Send three
letters of recommendation to: Andrew Scholtz, Search Committee Chair,
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies, PO Box 6000,
Binghamton University, State University of New York, Binghamton, NY
13902. Telephone 607-777-3820. Receipt deadline: 30 April 2010. Expect
electronic acknowledgment of receipt. Binghamton University is an equal
opportunity/affirmative action employer.

DIG: Roman Binchester Excavations and Field School

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VINOVIUM 2010 – The Binchester Excavation Project

Season dates: July 4, 2010 – July 31, 2010

Application Deadline: April 15, 2010

This brand new major archaeological project is currently seeking enthusiastic excavation volunteers to work in a part of the Roman frontier that includes Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site. The Binchester Roman Town Excavation Project is excavating the fort and expansive town near Durham, located in one of the richest archaeological landscapes in the world.

Known to the Romans as Vinovium (“On the Wine Road”), Binchester protected Dere Street, the main road that ran from the legionary headquarters at York northwards to Hadrian’s Wall. It was a key element of the complex frontier system that lay on both sides of the Wall, forming the edge of empire for nearly four hundred years. Previous excavation has so far uncovered the best preserved Roman bath house in the UK and some of the most impressive mausolea seen on a Roman site for 150 years; geophysical survey reveals a large town that stayed thriving long after the empire fell; across the river at Escomb is one of the oldest churches in Britain, built from the stones of Binchester in the 7th century, still standing as a reminder of the kingdom of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria, the heartland of Celtic Christianity and land of Arthurian romance.

The project represents an international partnership between scholars at Stanford University (USA) and Durham University (UK). Volunteers will spend 4 weeks excavating, processing artifacts, and visiting key archaeological sites in this area of the Hadrian’s Wall frontier zone.

The cost of $ 4,000 (USD) covers housing in the medieval town of Durham, all meals, archaeological instruction, and weekend field trips. Flights and travel to Durham are not included. Academic accreditation is possible (contact us for details).

To apply and learn more about the Binchester project, please see our website at

CFP:Journal of Hellenic Religion Volume 4

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The Journal of Hellenic Religion’s (ISSN 1748-7811) Editorial Panel decided
to pursue a fourth volume of the Journal, which will be forthcoming in March

A brief Journal’s statement: The JfHR is a peer-reviewed annual periodical.
It has as a main theme the original multidisciplinary study of ancient Greek
Religion (i.e. theology, history, philosophy, politics-sociology and

The theme / subject of the forthcoming Volume 4 will focus on the concept of
divination in the ancient Greek religious praxis and theology. The article
should include a full bibliography and endnotes. The deadline is due to the
25th of December 2010.

The editorial panel may request editions and small alterations and a summary
of the peer-reviewed process will be send after the author’s request. The
authors hold their copyright. The contributors should sign a License for
Publish based on the standards of good academic research practice for
publications by the Surf Foundation and JISC.

Submissions should be in an electronic form (doc, rtf), accompanied with the
legal name and a current email and postal address of the author and emailed
to the Editor at info [at] markoulakispublications [dot] org [dot] uk –
please place in the title of your message the following: Article Submission
for the JfHR Vol. 4.

Please review the author’s contribution guide at :

Thank you in advance of your contributions.

Nikolaos Markoulakis
School of Arts and Humanities
Nottingham Trent University
Clifton Campus, Clifton Lane,
Nottingham NG11 8NS
United Kingdom