The Iklaina Archaeological Project

I may have mentioned this one before, but I just came across this website while trying to track down another one of those ‘spa therapy’ type claims which had one being found in the Palace of Nestor (they did find evidence of ‘rose scented oil’ there, but the claim is too vague to go further). Anyhoo, lots of good info on the ongoing dig there:

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem xv kalendas apriles

ante diem xiv kalendas apriles

  • Festival of Mars (Day 19)
  • Quinquatrus (Day 1) — a festival celebrating Minerva’s birthday (maybe)
  • rites in honour of Minerva (obviously connected to the above)
  • 11 B.C.E. — Herod dedicates his renovated Temple in Jerusalem
  • 303 A.D. — Martyrdom of Pancharius of Nicomedia
  • 363 A.D. — fire destroys the Temple of Apollo on the Palatine