Ancient Stuff at io9

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Over the past couple of weeks, it’s becoming clear that the gang at io9 are either looking for some rogueclassicism love or (more likely)  have sensed the popculch value of the ancient world. Consider some of their recent posts (all worth a look) …  They first caught my eye with A brief history of alternate history fiction, which mentioned Livy’s digression on what Alexander the Great would have done if he had headed west. Poking around a bit, I found they had also had a feature called Advanced Imaging Reveals a Computer 1,500 Years Ahead of Its Time (about the Antikythera Mechanism, of course). Then last night one of my twitterfeeds brought me Five ancient technologies that were ahead of their times, which included a bit on Hero’s steam engine (and some borderline von Danikaan stuff). And finally, this a.m., we find in our mailbox: Great moments in alternate history: the non-fall of the Roman empire, which is a nice little compendium of novels about what might have happened if Rome didn’t ‘fall’.

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