Classical Barbie

Speaking of Cleopatra (see next post), I was just yakking on Facebook about the existence of a Cleopatra Barbie, news of which my spiders brought me from a blog called comigirl … turns out these things are genuine collectibles. She doesn’t appear to available at Amazon yet (click the comigirl link to see this Cleo), but there are a number which might be of interest, including a Barbie of Liz Taylor as Cleopatra:

… and a Medusa Barbie (if you’ve got 500.00+ dollars):

… and an Aphrodite Barbie (cheap at almost 300 bucks:

… and Athena Barbie (cheapest of them all … less than 200 bucks:

… not sure if Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie counts (she’s really cheap):

… no Artemis Barbie? No Amazon Barbie? No Gladiatrix Barbie?

ADDENDUM (an hour or so later): See, this is why folks have to be all over social media … turns out one of my Twitter followers (Liz Gloyn) is a Ph.D. candidate who works — in her ‘spare time’ —  on the ‘reception’ side of these Classical Barbies and has even written a paper on the subject, which you can access from her page at

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