Red Bull Chariot Races

Nice to see this sort of thing still going on:

Hundreds of college students around the San Diego area showed up at JT’s Pub and Grill on Saturday to represent their university pride. Home of the San Diego Red Bull Chariot Races, JT’s hosted teams of “Roman gladiators” from USD, San Diego State and UCSD. Students watched as the teams literally pulled each other to victory, competing for ultimate school supremacy.

There were two teams from USD, both suited up in togas. Pat Castagna, president of USD’s Mechanical Engineering Club and Captain of Team ASME in the race, personally recruited six members to represent USD. Many USD students were in attendance showing their support for the teams’ engineering and racing skills. Team ASME made it to the semi-finals by racing a scooter-themed chariot. In the end they were narrowly defeated.

“This event turned out to be epic,” Castagna said. “We almost made it to the finals but we lined up on the outside lane and just could not beat our opponent to the first turn, which made them hard to pass.” [More …]

via SD universities race to the finish, Roman style – The Vista – News.

This Day in Ancient History: pridie idus octobres

Fragmentary remains of the Temple of Castor an...
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pridie idus octobres

  • rites in honour of the Penates Dei — the Penates Dei were originally the penates who watched over the storehouse of the king (when Rome had such, obviously); at some point, the Penates Dei came to be identified with Castor and Pollux, but they still had a temple under their own name on the Velian hill which was apparently restored by Augustus.
  • 223 A.D. — martyrdom of Calixtus