Announcing Iota Magazine

Seen on the Classicists list (please direct any queries to the folks mentioned in the item and not to rogueclassicism):

This is to let you know that Iota, a new magazine for primary school children, will be out this month and you can now purchase a copy or subscription online in advance on our website at

Iota is a Classics magazine produced by The Iris Project ( for younger children. It introduces Classics and Latin in a fun, informative and engaging way, and its content is designed and written to fit in with the key stage two material on the ancient Greeks and Romans.

There will be three editions published per year – one for each school term – and every issue will be themed around a different Classical myth. Through five exciting, fact-filled and vibrant sections, children can find clues about the story while learning about how the Romans and Greeks lived, as well as being introduced to the Latin language through activities and games.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, and best wishes for 2011!


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