CONF: Emotions and Ancient Greek History seminar at Oxford

Seen on the Classicists list (please direct any queries to the folks mentioned in the item and not to rogueclassicism):

Please find below the programme of the seminar on emotions and ancient Greek history at Oxford this term.

Emotions and Ancient Greek History

Chrysi Kotsifou and Georgy Kantor

Tuesdays, 5 pm, Lecture Theatre

Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies

66 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LU

Week 1, 18 January: Chrysi Kotsifou (University of Oxford), ‘Womanly weakness and manly moderation: the use and abuse of pity in fourth century petitions.’

Week 2, 25 January: Simon Hornblower (University of Oxford), ‘Emotions and the Greek gods’

Week 3, 1 February: AngelosChaniotis (IAS, Princeton), ‘Emotional display in public life in the Hellenistic period

Week 4, 8 February: Ed Sanders (Royal Holloway), ‘Approaching a nameless emotion: the construction of sexual jealousy in Classical Athens’

Week 5, 15 February: John Tait (University College London), ‘Osiris in a Whirlwind: looking for change in the representation of emotion in Egypt through two and a half millennia.’

Week 6, 22 February: Nicole Belayche (École pratique des hautes etudes), "The ‘possible’ body of the gods: from imitation to ritual confection of their nature"

Week 7, 1 March: David Frankfurter (Boston University), "Desperation and the Magic of Appeal: Representations of Women’s Emotions in the Voices of Magical Texts and Votive Images"

Week 8, 8 March: Lene Rubinstein (Royal Holloway), ‘Evoking anger through pity: portraits of the vulnerable and defenceless in Attic oratory’

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