Be Aware of the Ides

Over the past while, we’ve posted assorted things to mark the day, so here’s a sort of compendium (perhaps this will become a tradition):

… but we do have to highlight a couple, e.g.: SCTV’s production of Julius Caesar (interrupted by CCCP1 broadcast … the Julius Caesar resumes at roughly the four minute mark):

… and, of course, no Ides of March would be complete without Wayne And Schuster’s Classic Rinse the Blood Off My Toga:

This Day in Ancient History: idus martias

Denari romà commemoratiu de l'assassinat de Cè...
Image by Sebastià Giralt via Flickr

idus martias

  • festival of Mars continues (day 15)
  • festival of Jupiter
  • festival/rites in honour of Anna Perenna (Happy New Year!)
  • 44 B.C. — murder of Gaius Julius Caesar
  • ca. 1st century A.D. — martyrdom of Longinus (the soldier who is said to have pierced Jesus’ side with a spear) in Cappadocia
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