Illicit Trade of Egyptian Antiquities Petition

Eric Cline writes in:

To all –

You may have already received this yesterday, sent from GW Media Relations (since I put you on the list), but the George Washington University Capitol Archaeological Institute announced yesterday that it has launched an initiative to protect Egyptian antiquities from illicit trade around the world. The institute identified specific actions that the U.S. government and international law enforcement authorities should take to help prevent the illegal trade of Egyptian antiquities. In addition, many of the most respected Egyptologists in the United States and the world and other respected scholarly organizations have joined the GW institute in calling for action by government and law enforcement authorities.

Press Release announcement:

Text of Call for Action with Signatories:

Online Petition (which can be signed):

Aqua Traiana Followup:

A while back we had a few posts about the discovery of — and peril to — the remains of the Aqua Traiana by the O’Neills … today they write to tell me they have set up a website on this and some related items: has eight pages of information on the Santa Fiora discovery and the Aqua Traiana, twenty three image pages, four brand-spanking new plans and projections of the Fiora Nymphaeum site, is a great resource for Emperors, Enthusiasts and the Erudati alike.

It’s a very attractive site and could be useful in a classroom situation, among others …