VotD: Les Dieux de l’Olympe

Tip o’ the pileus to the historyteachers lady for drawing our attention to this item put together by a class at  Sherbrooke College (I think … please correct me if I’m wrong) … it’s in French:

Everybody sing along:

On est les plus forts
On est immortels
Au sommet du monde
C’est nous qui dirigeons tout
Dirigeons tout

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem xi kalendas maias

ante diem xi kalendas maias

  • Parilia (a.k.a. Palilia) — originally a festival in honour of Pales (who protected shepherds and their flock), it eventually evolved — in the city of Rome, at least — into a ‘birthday of Rome’ celebration
  • 753 B.C. — traditional date for the foundation of Rome
  • 43 B.C. — pro-Caesarian forces “under” Octavian defeat the forces of Marcus Antonius at Mutina
  • 47 A.D. — Claudius celebrates the ludi Saeculares (?)
  • 148 A.D. — Antoninus Pius celebrates the 900th anniversary of Rome
  • 248 A.D. — Philip Arabus celebrates the 1000th anniversary of Rome

Happy ‘Hug a Classicist Day’!!!