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The Classical Association of the Middle West and South is pleased to announce the most recent issue of Teaching Classical Languages (www.tcl.camws.org).  In this issue are three articles.  The first describes more than 20 field tested exercises to help beginning and intermediate students become more efficient readers of Latin.  The second introduces teachers to form-focused instruction, a pedagogy that integrates grammar instruction within a communicative context.  Finally, the issue concludes with an analysis of students’ strengths and weaknesses on the 2010 College Greek Exam.

In this issue of Teaching Classical Languages:
*       Rebecca Harrison, “Exercises for Developing Prediction Skills in Reading Latin Sentences”
*       Peter Anderson & Mark Beckwith, “Form-Focused Teaching for the Intermediate Latin Student”
*       Albert Watanabe, “The 2010 College Greek Exam”
To access the latest issue and read the abstracts, go to www.tcl.camws.org and click on “current issue.”

Teaching Classical Languages welcomes articles offering innovative practice and methods, advocating new theoretical approaches, or reporting on empirical research in teaching and learning Latin and Greek.  Please submit articles and queries to:

John Gruber-Miller, editor
Teaching Classical Languages
Cornell College
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
jgruber-miller AT cornellcollege.edu