CONF: Beyond Self-Sufficiency – Households, City-States and Markets in the Ancient Greek World

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Beyond Self-Sufficiency

Households, City-States and Markets in the Ancient Greek World
Durham, 2nd-5th July 2011

The Department of Classics and Ancient History, Durham University, will be
holding an international conference on 2nd-5th July 2011, Beyond Self-
Sufficiency: Households, City-States and Markets in the Ancient Greek

This conference will draw on the expertise of scholars working in a
variety of disciplines, including archaeology, numismatics, epigraphy and
history to examine a controversial topic of Greek economic history: the
issue of self-sufficiency. Many scholars still subscribe to the view held
by Hasebroek and Finley that the Greeks, from the level of individual
households to entire city-states, aimed at self-sufficiency and minimal
participation in markets. However, the validity of this view has not been
rigorously tested from a variety of methodological approaches. By
examining this problem from a number of angles, this conference represents
a major step towards clarifying one of the central problems in Greek
economic history.

A limited number of places are available for participants, so it is
recommended that those who wish to attend contact the organisers as soon
as possible; the conference fees are as follows:

Standard: £10 daily rate/ £40 full conference
Concession: £8 daily rate/ £30 full conference

Please direct your enquiries to:

Mark Woolmer (mark.woolmer TA
David Lewis (d.m.lewis TA


Saturday 2nd July

(1) 5pm-6pm E.M. Harris (Durham University)
Markets in the Ancient Greek World: A Typology

(2) 6pm-7pm J.K. Davies (Liverpool University)
Markets and Market-places in Ancient Greece

Sunday 3rd July

(3) 9am-10am C. Pébarthe (University of Bordeaux)
Beyond The Ancient Economy, ancient economics

(4) 10am-11am P. Acton (independent scholar)
The Household Mode of Production: Political Ideology or Economic

(5) 11:30-12:30 B. Ault (SUNY Buffalo)
Households and Self-Sufficiency

(6) 12:30-1:30 B. Tsakirgis (Vanderbilt University)
Whole Cloth: Exploring the Question of Self-Sufficiency through the
evidence for Textile Manufacture and Purchase in Greek Houses

(7) 3-4pm J.H. Kroll (Oxford University)
Changes in Athenian Weights Standards and Their Implications for Athenian

(8) 4-5pm S. Psoma (University of Athens)
Weight-Standards in Coinage outside Athens and Trade between Poleis

Monday 4th July

(9) 9-10am M. Lawall (University of Manitoba)
Transport Amphoras as Evidence for Motivation and Market Behaviour in the
Economies of Classical and Hellenistic Greece

(10) 10-11am C. Tzochev (independent scholar)
The Export of Thasian Amphoras and Markets in the Black Sea Region

(11) 11:30-12:30 T. Panagou (University of Athens)
Patterns of Amphora Stamp Distribution. Tracking Down Export Tendencies

(12) 12:30-1:30 M. Woolmer (Durham University)
Honours and Rewards for Merchants

(13) 3-4pm D. Lewis (Durham University)
The market for slaves from the Persian Empire in the fifth and fourth
century Aegean

(14) 4-5pm G. Kron (University of Victoria)
Classical Athenian Trade in comparative perspective: Literary and
archaeological evidence, demand and infrastructure

Tuesday 5th July

(15) 9am-10am A. Bresson (University of Chicago)
Markets and the Role of the State

(16) 10-11am P. Van Alfen (American Numismatic Society)
An Overview of Commodities in Long-Distance Trade c. 500-300 BCE

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