Socrates Found Not Guilty … a bit late

Somewhat strange item from the Greek Reporter:

The Federal Court of New York has acquitted Socrates after 2,410 years. During a historic trial, with ancient Greek characteristics and contemporary views, presented from their legal and humoristic side at the same time, hundreds of people had the chance to experience a wonderful “performance” of the truth, the law and the Greek heritage. Alexander S. Onassis Foundation was in charge of the transfer of Socrates’ trial to one of the most representative court rooms of American Justice, succeeding in ensuring the participation of top judges and acclaimed lawyers of New York’s legal elite. During this Manhattan trial, which was not actually a representation but a new version, all charges against Socrates were examined. The case dated back to 399 BC, when Athenians had to decide if Socrates was “guilty” or “not guilty”, concerning charges for “impiety against Gods” and “corruption of young people’.

Archbishop Demetrios of America stated: “The presentation of Socrates’ trial was very interesting as far as defence, advocacy and accusation are concerned. Important views were presented, with elements of intelligent speech and clever references. The Onassis Foundation will release a DVD of the trial, which will also be published on the internet”.

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