Roman Child Burial from Dorchester

From the Dorset Echo:

THE buried remains of a Roman child have been uncovered during the construction of the Charles Street development in Dorchester.

Stone foundations of Roman houses, painted wall plaster and coins have also been found.

Cowlin Construction, working for developers Simons Group, has put up posters on the sites boundary hoardings detailing any new finds.

Viewing holes have also been provided allowing the public to view any on-site activity.

Due to the potential archaeological sensitivities of the site, Cowlin has appointed Wessex Archaeology to ensure the development receives the specialist attention it needs.

Neil Holbrook, archaeology consultant to Simons Group, said: “During their initial excavation Wessex Archaeology uncovered the remains of a Roman child, not an uncommon find in a Roman town as bodies of children were often buried inside the settlement.

“Stone foundations of roman houses, painted wall plaster and coins have also been found.”

Andrew Pollett, Simons Group project director, said: “Dorchester’s archaeological heritage is extremely important to the projects team as well as the people of Dorchester.

“We hope the viewing hols provided by Cowlin Construction along with the archeologically posters will ensure everyone is kept up to date.”

The Charles Street site has an important Roman heritage and lies close to the southern edge of the Roman town, Durno-varia.

The row of trees along South Walks marks the line of reconstruction of the Roman town walls which was once close to the Roman public baths.

Construction on the first phase of the Charles Street development project began in June. It will provide new offices for West Dorset District Council and a library and an adult learning centre for Dorset County Council.

The first phase is due for completion in August 2012.

Once specialists have examined any finds they will be offered to Dorset Count Museum.

via Roman child’s remains dug up in Dorchester | Dorset Echo.

Greek plays: Sophocles’ Electra

Interesting review by Amanda Wrigley at the Screen Plays blog:

I just became aware of this blog, but it associated with an interesting research project … from their ‘about’ tab:

Welcome to the blog of the AHRC-funded research project Screen Plays: Theatre Plays on British Television. The project is based at the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) in the School of Media, Arts and Design at the University of Westminster and runs from June 2011 to May 2014.

The project is concerned with all plays written for the theatre produced for British television since 1930. We will publish a database of these productions, a book and journal articles, and we will organise screenings, conferences and other events.

Circumundique: August 9, 2011

Around the Classical blogosphere yesterday: