Circumundique ~ August 24, 2011

In and around the Classical blogosphere t’other day:

Why Study Classics?

Tip o’ the pileus to Adrian Murdoch who pointed the Twitterati to an item at Jonathan Knott’s blog (now added to the curated blogroll) with the above title. The post includes a link to a pdf version of the article (which is also by Jonathan Knott) from the July 2011 edition of Club UK Magazine. Those with access to a decent colour printer might want to find a way to print this one out for bulletin board purposes:

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem viii kalendas septembres

Pliny the Elder: an imaginative 19th Century p...
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ante diem viii kalendas septembres

  • Opiconsivia — rites in honour of Ops, an old Italian earth deity and usually considered the spouse of Consus
  • 79 A.D. — death of Pliny the Elder in the wake of the eruption at Pompeii
  • 325 A.D. — Council of Nicaea comes to an end, having come up with the Nicene Creed, the ‘Twenty Canons’, etc..